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Monday, 06 August 2012 13:14

Cue stirring orchestral theme here.

Top Rope Games has just enjoyed an incredible shot in the arm, via the drug that is Kickstarter.

This past weekend, we successfully funded a project to publish the Toypocalypse Falls campaign for Trevor's 24-Hour RPG contest winner, Toypocalypse. We had enough excited fans, that our modest goal was reached in a few short days. We had set a couple stretch goals, because we are just as motivated by bonus levels as your average gamer. So, the remainder of our fans, or up-and-coming fans toyed with our emotions right up to the end, and we reached the stretch goal with minutes to spare. Now the Tomb of the Purple Crayon will come to fruition! But, to be honest, Josh is probably going to need a heart transplant the next time we crowdfund something. His nerves are shot. Trevor, however, is grinning like a teddy bear at a porcelain doll convention.

You can check out all the updates, and see the fun that will soon be available over at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/647072871/toypocalypse-falls-campaign-setting.

While some of our awesome Toypocalypse Falls rewards will never be created again, everyone will have a chance to enjoy Toypocalypse Falls, via our partners at www.drivethrurpg.com. Stay tuned.

Guardian Class Preview PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 16 January 2012 11:13

Its been a while since we have had a class preview! Do not despair, The Locus is still in development it just took a back seat for a bit, while we worked on Toypocalypse. This time we are previewing the Guardian, Templar of justice and protector of the weak.

There are men and women who heed a higher call. These are they who will make the effort to stand for the feeble, to protect the weary and the downtrodden. Such individuals will gird themselves with arms and essence to hold fast against destructive forces. These warriors are steadfast allies in combat and in peace. Though some follow the tenets of a holy order, many have simply fashioned themselves as bulwarks for family, tribe, or nation. Some such Dwarven soldiers stand ready to defend the Union's secrets to their final breath.

These defenders of the weak are known as Guardians. They are able to wield specialized weaves of essence which hone their reactions to a supernatural level. Properly equipped, a Guardian may stand vigil as an inhuman sentinel over whatever ally or artifact requires such devotion. It is a fortunate individual who finds an ally in a Guardian. It is a frustrated foe that finds an enemy in the same.

Guardians can create powerful spells that defend and hasten his friends while thwarting opposing Magi. They wear heavy armor while wielding large weapons and frequently use shields to defend against incoming attacks, both ranged and melee. Players will find a careful balance between defensive spells and abilities that allow them to deflect many blows and become the center piece to any Locus party.

Our next class preview will be the Druid, shape-changer and defender of the forests.

Who Says Nothing Good Comes of a Dare? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 July 2011 11:23

Most people remember those really great discoveries with their toys. Recall the discovery that while Barbie couldn’t actually stay in orbit on your model rocket, she still had a great ride into the stratosphere. Or what about the first time the heads on two different toys could be swapped to create two entirely new and different critters. And lastly, who can forget the size of hole a matchbox car could make in the sheetrock.

Toypocalypse came about a lot like those happy childhood accidents. Trevor and I had been working diligently on The Locus, our first role playing game product. We were very excited about Trevor’s dice system. Josh was giddy to be developing a world in conjunction with a game. And we were both pumped to be arming dwarves with guns. Despite all the positive energy, though, we seemed to be at an impasse. We were slogging through some of the great feedback we had received from early play tests. We were making progress, but it was slow.

In short, we needed a short break.

Enter rpggeek.com. Josh all ready spends more time than is healthy browsing the parent site, www.boardgamegeek.com, but on a blustery winter day, he happened upon the 24-hour RPG contest.

Then, in passing, he mentioned the contest to Trevor.

That was all it took. Trevor caught fire. Josh was too sadistic to discourage him, and so our lead designer set aside a 24 block on the next Tuesday, and worked his guts out to produce the little appetizer we are so proud to be bringing to everyone.

Sapient toys in a post-apocalyptic world free of humans. If you dig closely into the text, you can see where the toxins really started to reach Trevor’s brain, at about hour 20.

We hope you enjoy it as much as Trevor enjoyed creating it.

Magi Class Preview PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 October 2010 10:23

The next class in our preview series is the Magi, master of the mystical arts.

Human Magi

A Magi is a powerful spell caster who takes the emotional essence that seeps into Illume from Earth and weaves it into powerful spells. The first powerful magi of Illume discovered their ability to channel these forces at the sites of disasters. While taking advantage of their abilities in a myriad of ways, many of them used their talents to seize political power over those less gifted.

Over time, these early Magi became ruling oligarchs of some of the largest nations of Illume. Some nations, such as the Dwarven Unions, still resist these fascists, but the battle grows desperate as the most powerful magi of Illume have begun to find more pure sources of mystical energy. Should they succeed in their plans to harvest these fuels, the balance of power will shift irreparably in favor of tyranny. Not all Magi are thirsty for power at the expense of others. Many have embraced the more tender emotions to fuel their magic and fight along with the forces of good to stave off the wave of oppression coming in from ruling powers.

Because of the history of magic in Illume, much is misunderstood about the nature and abilities of even the most common of man. Early mages were able to bring fire into being with nothing more than a thought, or strike men dead with a wave of their hands. Deeds such as these filled the less talented masses with a justifiable fear of magic and its more powerful practitioners. As a consequence, much study was given to these paths, while other, less obviously powerful magics were investigated only by those well attuned to them.

The Magi understands essence. The Magi practically breathes essence. They are able to weave spells of incredible power. Their very presence can inflame tense emotions in a room to the breaking point. The most powerful Magi are able to level cities, bring men back from the brink of death, and change the destiny of Illume forever.


Our next class preview will be the Guardian, templar dedicated to the protection of the borders of Halvair.

Hunter Class Preview PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 September 2010 11:32

Over the next few months we will be doing some class previews of playable classes within The Locus. The first class we would like to preview is the Hunter.

Dwarf Hunter

The Hunter is one part gadgeteer, one part rascal, and one part marksman.

A laborer long honored by Dwarven tradition, Hunters are men & women expert at finding problems, and solving them. Hunters roam the barren lands of the Dwarven Union, keeping menaces such as Trollkin at bay. Recently, some Dwarven Hunters have taken human apprentices, and after a period of training, send them back to their homelands to eliminate problems there. Once a Hunter is on your trail, it is said that you are already dead.

Technomancy is a craft that many dwarven artisans use to increase productivity, simplify their lives and defend their union. Hunters are adept in the use of Technomancy, this dwarven art harnesses magical essence and uses it to fuel magnificent contraptions. Their use of magical essence in fueling their devices make them hated and reviled by most magi and truthfully the feeling is mutual.

A few more progressively minded members of the Union have within the last few decades opened the door for humans to learn and practice the Technomancer's craft. A human Technomancer must pay for and maintain a license for Technomancy with the Technomancers Guild. These are usually the rare but hard-nosed Hunters in the Human race.

Players will find a diverse realm of craftable and customizable gear within the Hunter class to outfit their character with. They will also find a varied skill set that allows them to hunt down and find their prey in the seediest of locations. A Hunter is not your typical fantasy ranger, instead he is the fantasy equivalent of a modern day bounty hunter.


Our next class preview will be the Magi, masters of the mystical arts.


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